journey to the hut; part III – FooD

I’ve always been a huge advocate for eating healthy, and balanced. A general rule I have for myself is to always make sure there’s something green on my plant. Without healthy food, our bodies and souls become disconnected. If we only eat pizza and processed meals, we are living out of harmony of our true…… Continue reading journey to the hut; part III – FooD

Why do I drink tea?

I will be honest, I don’t drink tea everyday. Some weeks I do, and sometimes I fall out of the habit. But that’s okay. If you are a tea lover like myself, this is bound to happen because, well, life, but it’s important that I keep drinking tea as much as possible. Why? As a Chajin, I value tea…… Continue reading Why do I drink tea?

Minimalism + Materialism

I’m going to introduce the word minimalism into your mind. We’ve all heard it, and for instance, it’s very well known in art, also an aesthetic. It usually deals with very few colors, easy on the eyes, and is overwhelmingly … simple. But its simplicity is art. It can actually be very very difficult to accomplish…… Continue reading Minimalism + Materialism