The Hidden Leaf is a community of people who love Tea, developing spiritual practice,  health based foods, wabi sabi, environmentalism, craftsmanship, and more. We are devoting our lives to cultivating sacred space for ourselves, others, and the Earth. Having a Tea practice is a beautiful way to create space and invite healing into your life. Tea has been considered a medicinal plant for thousands of years. It is Mother Nature’s gift to us humans, and she wants to participate in our being. Tea is gentle, safe, welcoming, and the “great connector”.

Join us on the Tea journey, and see how it will change everything you do.


Jordanna Kranz : co-founder, tea practitioner, chef, environmentalist, reiki practitioner, Earth dweller.

I have been drinking Tea for a very long time. I started my journey drinking it Western style, and didn’t know that peach tea, and English breakfast wasn’t true tea. It wasn’t until I met my partner that I discovered “true” tea like oolongs and Japanese green teas like gyokuro. It was love at first sip. Since then I have dove deep into linear and “nerdy” aspects of tea, and became obsessive over brewing gongfu, along with obtaining the “best of the best”. With all of this information, I became overwhelmed, confused, and discouraged. The amount of information was too much for me, and I felt like I was doing everything wrong. But then, I found Wu De, and Global Tea Hut. I watched his videos on youtube, and read past GTH issues. I felt at home with Tea again. Everything made sense and I felt like Tea was embracing me with a warm hug along with childlike wonder like she used to. Since then, I have practiced meditation with tea daily, gone to Taiwan to study, and became part of a beautiful community. My goal is to share this beautiful and unconditionally loving plant to all who will listen.

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Contact me if you ever want to talk Tea or just life 🙂

Visit thehiddenleaf.org for tea if you’re interested. We are NOT a business. All funds go back to getting more tea. We just wanted to create a place where friends and loved ones can get sustainable, family grown tea for an affordable price.

For more tea, teaware, and to support Global Tea Hut, please visit their site and support all they do. Even better, subscribe to their monthly magazine where you receive tea of the month along with a magazine all about Tea and Tao. With your support they are able to continue providing knowledge, tea, and their free tea center Tea Sage Hut, where you can participate in a ten-day course filled with Tea wisdom, and Zen.