Summer time tea

Summer is officially here! The solstice was just a few days ago, and it’s very exciting. Summer means lots of more outdoor adventures, fresh fruit and other seasonal pickings, and of course, TEA!!


Heavenly Blossom with strawberry leaves as offering


Spring time is when the new tea season begins. Fresh pickings for the year which is of course a very important time for tea. Depending on the tea depends on how soon we get these pickings of course. Fresh tea is great for hotter weather as well.

Just because it is summer does not mean we stop drinking our tea. Some tea can actually be very cooling! For instance, fermented tea like puerh and black tea is not very cooling, and are much more appropriate for the winter and autumn months, but green and whites are excellent for the heat. It’s also very seasonally appropriate because of the freshness of the leaves (usually).

So don’t let this heat wave prevent you from drinking the Leaves! Also, the warm weather makes it great to drink tea outside. We can really connect with nature and cool down, sit back, and enjoy the beauty of life with tea. Drinking tea outside definitely makes it a new experience, and you will enhance this experience by using seasonal appropriate Leaves!

If you are interested in some cooling green tea, check out our website for some bancha, genmaicha and more! We will also provide a complimentary sample of baihao yinzhen, an amazing white tea which reminds me of fresh peaches.



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