Rob’s Birthday

We went to Maine for a nice vacation. We ran into Amish folk, and gathered spring water near Mt. Katahdin (the highest point in the US). We could see the mountain from our view. It was incredible!

We also got stuck during one of the meanest snow storms of the year. I will not lie, it was definitely scary! We were stuck in our resort for a couple of days, but we took advantage of this time to do nothing. We drank Jade Star from Mei Leaf, watched There Will Be Blood, Naruto, and just spent time together.

I wanted to share some pictures that I took from our trip.


Chaxi for our first session of Jade Star




The spring we got our tea water from! So good! We tried to bring some home but all of our growlers froze and broke in the car. It was really cold.



The birch trees were incredible, especially in the mass quantity they were in.



Gorgeous fruticose lichen on this birch!


Our shrine and offerings

After we left Island Falls, we stayed a night in Portland on St. Patricks day.

Nothing beat having some new tea and service from Dobra, and a yummy (expensive) meal at 555.








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