A Morning with Liu Xiang and a Jian Shui

Welcome to the journal!! Kodama here… this is my, and our first post and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share tea (and many other topics) knowledge and experiences with you all.


Nothing is more beautiful than having a tea drunk filled session with one you love. Doesn’t hurt to have some wonderful new shou puerh to try in a new jianshui dragonegg tea pot.

Both the teapot and the shou I purchased from fellow teaist off of IG. He sells teaware from his personal collection, and also gifted me the shou along with some other teas (which I can’t wait to try next!). If you are in the market for some teaware, his are absolutely well loved <3. His IG account is well_loved_teaware. He is very kind and has amazing ware.

I found his account through searching around on IG, the tea world is absolutely amazing on Instagram….it blows me away sometimes. I’m grateful I’m able to find such an incredible tea community. His wares are definitely special, and they just called to me. I was in the market for a new pot, especially a smaller size suitable for gongfu, so the dragonegg was definitely a meant to be.

I received the pot in the most beautiful way, and it presented itself on my doorstep on the spring equinox. Perfect timing am I right?


This is my first teaware bag, so it makes it all the more special as well


The shou puerh is a 2014 sui yue liu xiang. According to Yunnan sourcing, sui yue “means both time and timelessness”.

I’ve just recently gotten into shou puerh, so it was a really nice treat that he added it in there. (I’ll discuss the other teas I got when I get to try them!!) It is clunked together so it was broken from a cake or brick. If you don’t know what that is, I recommend you contact me and I will definitely serve you a nice cake of either some shou or sheng puerh. Future posts will most certainly talk in more detail of what that entails.


If you’ve never had shou puerh, it’s dark and rich. Depending on the type, it’s liquor can be almost black. It’s intense, earthy, grounding, and strong. You can feel its effects immediately. In past shou sessions, they all leave me feeling like I was sitting by a campfire for way too long . I feel blissed, happy, connected, like I’ve been chit chatting with old childhood friends. The tea drunk is very real with shou (at least for me).

This session left me VERY tea drunk. Something funny I was discussing with Rob was that every time we have a session on the floor after we run out of water we always end up rolling around the floor. It’s fun. I always end up in “baby’s pose”.

I loved this shou! Shou has grown to become one of my favorites, and this one was definitely up top for me.

I’m not a poet, or one skilled with words, but a couple of words really came to me while I was drinking this. Some random, that I’m not really quite sure where they came from, but! it is what it is.

  • raspberry
  • dragons breath
  • dense
  • roots
  • fire

These are some of the words I remember. Dragons breath is definitely one of the main sensations I felt while drinking this tea. It made my throat burn (in the best way) and made me feel powerful. The earthiness was grounding. We sat in silence for who knows how long pouring cup after cup of this tea. We probably had maybe 14 steeps? I don’t even know. But it was a journey. Sui yue was definitely a good name for this tea.

Holding the teapot was a little difficult at first, I wasn’t used to the shape!! But it pours very nicely. Excited for many sessions with this special dragonegg!






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