Getting Started with Tea <3 – a guide for beginners

As some of you may know, my tea journey began when I was very young, for I was introduced to British (Western) style teas, along with herbals (tisanes). But for me, it wasn’t until I learned and tasted loose teas that my journey began. I knew the basics, my first love being oolong. Then when…… Continue reading Getting Started with Tea ❤ – a guide for beginners

Why do I drink tea?

I will be honest, I don’t drink tea everyday. Some weeks I do, and sometimes I fall out of the habit. But that’s okay. If you are a tea lover like myself, this is bound to happen because, well, life, but it’s important that I keep drinking tea as much as possible. Why? As a Chajin, I value tea…… Continue reading Why do I drink tea?

Minimalism + Materialism

I’m going to introduce the word minimalism into your mind. We’ve all heard it, and for instance, it’s very well known in art, also an aesthetic. It usually deals with very few colors, easy on the eyes, and is overwhelmingly … simple. But its simplicity is art. It can actually be very very difficult to accomplish…… Continue reading Minimalism + Materialism

Rob’s Birthday

We went to Maine for a nice vacation. We ran into Amish folk, and gathered spring water near Mt. Katahdin (the highest point in the US). We could see the mountain from our view. It was incredible! We also got stuck during one of the meanest snow storms of the year. I will not lie, it was definitely scary! We were stuck…… Continue reading Rob’s Birthday

Liu An; Harvest Moon Tea + the Importance of Learning the Process

There is so much magic within tea. There is so much more to it than its flavors and aromas. There is history, processing, location, and varietal. Becoming more intimate about tea rather than just deciphering what kind it is can lead to so much more appreciation and love for these Leaves. Today my session began with Liu…… Continue reading Liu An; Harvest Moon Tea + the Importance of Learning the Process

Beginning to Understand Wabi-Sabi (侘 寂)

Wabi-sabi(侘 寂)…. a concept from Japan and brought about from Zen, is a wonderful way to incorporate happiness, and appreciation into your life. I am passionate about wabi-sabi. It has genuinely been a life changing philosophy and lifestyle that has greatly impacted my way of everyday living. The Western world is obsessed with “stuff” and…… Continue reading Beginning to Understand Wabi-Sabi (侘 寂)

Bancha, and the Treasure (a lovely kyobancha session)

Our main goal is to get people drinking good tea. There is so much misinformation about tea. For fellow Chajin it can be disheartening knowing that so many people aren’t drinking the good stuff. So, the Hidden Leaf offers some leaves that are the real deal! At first, we wanted to be a tea provider…… Continue reading Bancha, and the Treasure (a lovely kyobancha session)